Asian Brown Flycatcher

Asian Brown Flycatcher

I was trying to track down the common kingfisher one morning at Suan Rot Fai park in Bangkok when this little fellow flew right in front of me. Fortunately it perched and stayed in a tree closed enough for me to have a good shot.

The size of this bird is smaller than the house or Eurasian munia, making it so difficult to even spot it right away.

Capturing tiny birds like the flycatcher would require you to be very close to have a great detailed shot. Yet, even with a 400mm lens, which I used, would not be enough.

Given time to prepare, you can always setup a blind where the bird is present, place some worms as baits, and wait.

But when you’re just still looking around, you have to be prepared if an interesting subject comes.

Birding Gears

Camera: Sony a6000

This is a mirrorless camera, very lightweight and most importantly, it can shoot 11 frames per second.

Telephoto Lens: Sigma 400mm APO

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